It's Like A Question Mark drawing by Artist YaChin Bonny You

It’s Like a Question Mark

It's Like A Question Mark drawing by Artist YaChin Bonny You

It's Like a Question Mark

Dear fans,

Today in the martial arts school I practiced this special kick that is like a round house kick, but a little different. It has two parts to it. First you lift your leg as if you were going to do a front kick, but then you turn and do a small round house at a very high place, aiming at someone’s head. To illustrate this, the teacher said, “it’s like a question mark. You first started out from the bottom, going up straight, then do a hook.” For some reason I found the remark “it’s like a question mark” very poetic. I spaced out for a moment (not good in martial arts class), thinking about what this means.

After class I swung by a friend’s house to check some mail for him. He had to go to Japan due to family issues. The apartment was dark with a dim light on and the air was stuffy. I opened some windows and watered the plants. The owners of the house have gone away to deal with life. Life that has no answer to it. I thought of some friends who are ending relationships, who are getting married, who are starting a new life in a new place. There is no answer to any of this. What to do? Deal. We all just deal. We deal with hurtful moments, happy moments, fearful moments and hopeful moments. We walk straight at times, and at times we need to do a hook. It’s like a question mark.

And it’s okay if you don’t have an answer.

Mermaid Etching by Artist YaChin Bonny You the art process

Upcoming Image: Julie, This is Our Country :: art process

Dear fans, I’m so excited about the upcoming image that despite sore throat and headache I’m still posting this. I’ll be fine because you give me courage.

Ocean, the ocean, the vast ocean. It is where life first starts and it still holds the secret of the future of life. I dream of the ocean quite a bit, AND don’t be surprised, my last name, You, which should actually be pronounced as Yo, is 游, which means swimming. And I’m a Pisces. It all makes sense.

However in real life, I can’t swim without goggles because otherwise my contact will flow out and I won’t be able to see shit. If I try to dive more than 2 feet I will go home with ear infections. Most ocean water is too cold for me, and I have no idea how to deal with current whatsoever. But I still love the ocean as an idea, a scenery and a story. If you’ve known me for some time, you know I even went through a pretty long merfolks period. Okay pretty much through entire college I was mer-obsessed. Ah, good times.

Mermaid Etching by Artist YaChin Bonny You the art process

Mermaid Etching

The Day I Knocked Down a Mermaid Drawing by Artist yaChin Bonny You art process

The Day I Knocked Down a Mermaid

Mermaid in the water by Artist YaChin Bonny You art process

Mermaid in the Water

Alright, what does this all have to do with “Julie” and “Our Country” and whatever that’s in the title? Ocean! Julie is one of my co-workers at Circle of Moms. She’s a beautiful French young woman who came and visited me in my dreamy wonderland one night. In there we had a grand adventure in which we are all citizens of this ocean country.

Sounds weird? Bad writing? Wait for the pictures!

Whiteout -- My Happiness by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Whiteout Submission for Society6 :: art process

Whiteout -- My Happiness by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Whiteout -- My Happiness

You can get prints of this image from Society6!

I’m a member of this fantastic online artists community called Society6 where artists post their artworks and connect with each other. I’m very inspired by some of the members’ works there and they give me fresh ideas and encouragement. You can get really unique designs and images on a bunch of different stuff too, it’s for everyone.

This image is my submission to a Society6 collaboration project called Whiteout. It was an interesting challenge for me since the Whiteout zine is going to be printed only in black and white. If you’ve seen my other works, they are mostly in seizure inducing colors. I signed up early but contemplated this idea for a very long time. I could’ve just made what I usually make and put it in black and white, but the idea of whiteout actually resonates with this other philosophical idea that I happened to be thinking about at that time.

It is our personal responsibility to figure out what makes us happy and what our goals in life are. I recently found that when I feel the most “happy” there really isn’t much emotions at all. Instead it’s a very large calmness and a sense of focus. I don’t really feel or think much during these moments, I just sorta “be.” There’s nothing. But there’s everything. It’s a very interesting feeling. I guess you can call it whiteout, or you can call it blackout. You can call it anything.

So how do I design “nothing” and “everything”!? Should I just submit a white image!? I think that works in galleries but might not work very well online. *chuckle* So I tried to break down the process of approaching this space. Whenever I think about this space, I feel a strong sense of my own physical presence, which I use to construct the sense of ego and interact with the outside world. I envision my head and my face, and try to take it apart. And it slowly pixilates, slides away and fades.

Then I recite this short verse that you see on the image to myself. It stops thoughts; it stops ups and downs; it stops worries; it stops giddiness; it stops everything. And then I start to see everything.

I don’t know if I’ve conveyed this space successfully in the image, but I tried :)

Here are some sketches. I first did a pencil drawing on paper, then do most of the production in Illustrator. Finishing off details and effects in Photoshop.

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch1 art process by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Pencil and paper drawing

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch2 art process tracing details by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Tracing details in Illustrator

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch3 art process by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Experimenting Hair Blend Mode in Illustrator

Dancing with Transformer Neptune the dream shirt

Dancing with Transformer Neptune :: the dream shirt

Dear fans,

Do you know, I’d do anything for you fans?  Okay not exactly anything, but if you’d ask, I’ll consider it.

I’m just getting really excited because I finally completed all those on-site SEO things that the book told me to do. Moved the site to my old URL, restructured sidebar, put in keywords, reinstalled analytics, updated mailing list…geez. I can’t wait to get some drawings done is all. Damn. One day I gotta hire someone to do this sh*t.

Anyways, here’s Dancing with Transformer Neptune — the dream shirt. (“Can you stop saying ‘the dream shirt’?” “No, that’s my keyword, man!”) Click the image to see a giant picture.

Dancing with Transformer Neptune the dream shirt

Dancing with Transformer Neptune T-shirt

I think it looks good in orange and raspberry. But if you’d like other colors, let me know and I’ll let you have your color.

Dancing with Transformer Neptune American Apparel dream shirt

Dancing with Transformer Neptune American Apparel T-shirt

Dancing With Transformer Nupetune by Artist YaChin You

Dancing With Transformer Nupetune

This is the original image, with the background, effect and everything. Click here to read about the story. And yes, in the above image is a pair of purple fuzzy crocs.




Artist YaChin Bonny You having fun with her fan

Me and My Fan

SEO Made Simple SEO book

SEOing for my future fans :: art process

Dear fans future and present,

I’m so tired. I spent all day “search engine optimization” this site, so that today, tomorrow, one day, I’ll be able to meet you, know you, and make wonderful things just for you.

This is my first step at putting my stuff out there more proactively online and stop lamenting at my obscurity. I felt shy, disoriented and afraid. But now I’m just plain tired from looking at keyword spreadsheet all day long. You need to know, I’m no CPA or VP or Marketing and this was extreme torture. However, for you, my future fans (and current ones if you’re reading now), I’m willing to go through all this.

I bought the kindle book SEO Made Simple by Mr. Michael Fleischner to my iPad. Chewing over the first section “On-page Optimization” and revamped lots of areas of my site including meta tags, header, footer, h1, images, links etc. Most importantly I chose some 5 keywords which I’ll try to focus my site on. These will be:

Don’t laugh!!

Free art print, free art card, artist blog, art process and dream shirt.

Y’all are gonna see a lot of these flying around. There was a lot of consideration behind these chosen words. But dear fans, I’m still here speaking to you with the whole of my true heart and those keywords are really in some subtle places that will not get in between us. Trust me.

SEO Made Simple SEO book

SEO Made Simple SEO book

Image of Alien Ship Dream Sketch by artist Yachin Bonny You


Image of Alien Ship Dream Sketch by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Alien Ship

I feel much better today. Music, Imagination, Dance, Food, Sex, Movie, Work, BART, Imagination, Walk, See, Facebook, Imagination, Massage. They all helped. If you have read the previous post, my future fans, don’t worry, I’m alright. Yes do you know what nick name I got when I was in middle school? Roach. Yes. I have another 280 million years to go, I only got through 27.

Here is a dream that I never got to do. It was way too awesome to put down on paper, in a way. The meaning is so deep I must have been some kind of channel of something else. I especially like the phrase “We are going to be re-educated.”



Giant alien ship hovering above our heads. We were on the roof of a very tall building. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Someone, come and save us. Come and relieve us of our ignorance. Come and deliver us from our pain. We are going to be re-educated.


Image of I Am Sorry drawing by artist YaChin Bonny You

I apologize to myself

I Am Sorry drawing by YaChin Bonny You

I Am Sorry

Expectation Management.

Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve failed myself in some ways. Most of all, feeling like this is not helpful. But I’m sorry, I just feel like this. No more self talking is going to lift me out of feeling this way.

What happened? You ask. Oh dear future fans, I just don’t know who you are, and I cannot see even a shadow of soul who would ever care about what I do here with all my heart and love. This shouldn’t matter, but it does matter, and I’m sorry again.

I’m sure you’ve felt this way before. It is a crushing feeling to think that I am not good at anything or better than anyone about anything. I will never achieve anything that will benefit the world in any way. Yet fortune has been good to me. I have a wonderful job in which I do what I like and from which I earn enough to enjoy lots of material I sometimes don’t even need. I have a healthy body that lets me sense and interact in this world and other people with incredible fidelity. Most of all, I have lots of people who love me dearly and who I love. And most of all, I should really love myself. I do, actually, but I still feel disappointed. I really shouldn’t, so again I’m sorry.

I wish more people know about my art works. But then again, I know I still have a lot of work to do in terms of producing good works. Also, what is my goal here? Would I still do it even if no one cares? Yes. I know from the very beginning, this is why I was born onto this earth to do. Yet why am I feeling unsatisfied? Ego? Some sense of success? I don’t know, so again I’m sorry.

Once something is a secret, you would want to talk about it with everyone and you go mad unless you let it out. I have such a secret and I decided to never tell anyone until I die. Hence it is very hard on me. I put it all over my art works but no one sees, which is great, because it is a way for me to tell without being judged or in trouble. I constantly deal with this mental issue, and I will continue to deal with it maybe…until I hit menopause? It really isn’t a big deal, but at times it could be very bothersome and cause insomnia, loss of apetite, mood swings and such. But the good side is that I get very creative and draw late into the night, causing insomnia. I should really let go of it, but I’m holding on to it so hard, so again I’m sorry.

With love comes fear. With light comes darkness. The sense of beauty is born out of the sense of ugliness. I live with an imperfect self and I love this imperfect self and I’m sad about this imperfect self and I’m excited about this imperfect self. I promise to myself, it will only get better.


Image of Post Apocalyptic Feast Drawing by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Post Apocalyptic Feast

Click the image to view all the details!

Image of Post Apocalyptic Feast by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Post Apocalyptic Feast

Click the image to view all the details!

Oh heaven, how do I even begin to describe this picture?

It all happened in this one night, after I closed my eyes and drifted to the sweet dreamland. Wait, except it wasn’t sweet. It was rather creepy. I was at this giant block party, where there are lots of people feasting on all sorts of food.

All of a sudden, a Hell’s Angels motorcycle team rode in and started throwing trash everywhere. They said, “Let’s see how long these people can keep eating with all this trash around, hahaha!”

I turned my head around and realized that this half rotted zombie woman with widening eyes and drooling mouth is swinging a large garden spade right towards my waist. I jumped back instinctively, dodged this strike and stepped to the side to avoid her subsequent attacks. “Phew,” I thought, “Thank god I take martial arts lessons.” I snuck in when she had an opening and took the spade from her. With a mighty swing I hacked her in half. Blood splatting all over the place.

After I woke up from the absurd adventure there was this question lingering on my mind, “Indeed. How long can we keep having the party with all this trash around!?”

Image of La Mezcla Mask by Artist YaChin Bonny You partial view

La Mezcla Mask

I’m sorry guys, I’m going to post a lot of posts from now on. Wait, why am I apologizing, this is my blog. But, I was going to have this be just about my art works, but you know, my life is my art work so there’s going to be a lot of things here now. If you’re interested in particular images, you can always use the right sidebar “GO TO” menu to access a particular image. Not that I have to explain here, if I do then I really failed at designing this website.

Well let’s cut to the chase, this post is about the said mask (from the last post) that I was making for the Dance Parteh before I started to paint my Converse. You ask, Bonny, what the hell is this Dance Parteh!? Okay, this is not a particular Dance Parteh event that I’m mentioning. This term refers to any and all awesome occasion in which there is great music and people dance until they forget who they are. I’ve been to a number of these. Recently I’ve been hitting up Bootie SF. I go there about once a month and I do craft projects for my look for added fun. What!? You ask, for added fun, just down a couple more mixed drinks. No, people. When I dance, I’m only under the influence of my own dance. I wear adequate shoes and check my little purse so that I can dance 2 hours straight. This is the kind of dancer I am.

This mask is called “La Mezcla”, which means “The Mix” in Spanish. The focal point of the mask is the mixed colored tassels at the bottom. I went to my super creative friend Ariel Soto-Suver‘s wedding some weeks ago. She used tassel samples to wrap the utensils at the wedding reception. I kept some because they are so beautiful. Their colors and subtle differences make my heart melt. Here they are, reincarnated in my mask accompanied by metallic beads. We will have a great time!

Tassel Samples

Tassel Samples

La Mezcla Mask

La Mezcla Mask

La Mezcla Mask partial view

La Mezcla Mask partial view

Me in the Mask

Me in the Mask

Artist YaChin Bonny You's Paintable white Converse Sneakers image

Converse and crocs :: the process

See the full fledge updated paintable converse tutorial here!

If you don’t know already, I’ve been wearing crocs for 2 months. Crocs are nice shoes and wearing them is not a big deal, however, wearing them All The Time? Now THAT’s a challenge. I hear you ask, have you done something wrong and were punished by the God of Shoes to wear crocs all the time? Yes, I pinched a nerve in my left foot, I believe also called a Morton’s Neuroma. It’s largely because I did something to my toes that they were squished together too much and made a nerve swell up and hurts. There’s not much to do to fix it except letting my toes hang out more. They do hang out nicely in crocs, I must say, the symptoms have been subsiding and I generally have no trouble doing what I like to do in life, walking and…kickboxing.

Life is not a beach all the time even if you wear crocs 24/7. For example, the weather in the past month in the Bay Area has been pretty nasty and wet, and with crocs it was my “fall-down season.” The bottom of crocs do not provide much traction against wet surfaces, so I became the queen of fall downs. Now imagine you all dressed up to work and fall down on a busy street in the financial district. Moreover, I cannot possibly bring myself to a freaking Dance Parteh wearing crocs! You may as well kill me but no they are not bringing down my whole outfit if you know what I mean.

Today when I was making a mask for the next Dance Parteh I’m going to grace with my presence I ran out of beads. Got some beads and on the way home from the bead store I just dropped by the art store to get some pen. Lo and behold I came out with a $70 damage.

I bought a pair of Converse sneakers.

It is the real Converse and it is in this pure white delicious raw canvas waiting for my imagination to grind all over it. That’s how I feel. Adding a jar of metallic pink fabric paint and a black marker to the bill, “this is what the day job is for,” I said to myself and swiped my credit card. I also got a size larger so my toes can hang out in there. The shoe laces run to my ankles nicely so they won’t come off.

This is going to be so cool yes!

Paintable white Converse Sneakers

Paintable white Converse Sneakers


Image of Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch3 by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Post Apocalytic Feast sketches and process

Woohoo! Finally completed sketching and inking, phew! It was hella fun and it’s going to be really awesome! By the way the sketches were done with the company of music by bands such as Phoenix and September and…Phoenix. “Where would you go, where would you go with a lasso?”

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch1

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch1

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch2

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch2

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch3

Post Apocalyptic Feast sketch3