Here’s To Another Year of Trying

New Year's Resolutions

Dear fans,

Happy new year! Have you made your new year’s resolution yet? I’m writing it right at this instant, hoping that it will unfold as I continue to complete this post.

Maybe you think resolutions are stupid. Indeed, if we make it a tradition to review resolutions accomplished vs. abandoned in the past year on new years eve, few people would be popping champagnes and most of us would be digging holes to bury ourselves. But since the act of determining new year’s resolution is actually quite cheerful, however short-lived this feeling may be, let’s just do it and pretend like we’re eating a snack. A really good, small snack. Like eating one macadamia nut.

This year, I’d like to work on BONSTER x BONSTER. My new store. I know, another store. I haven’t sold many things in my life but have opened lots of stores. I’ve tried to sell website templates, greeting cards, T-shirts, sneakers, pins, magnets, prints, zines, stickers, paintings, books, iphone covers, laptop decals.

Epic fail.

No, actually, they were not epic fails. As far as failures are concerned, they were not even epic. They were small, “meh” kind of failures. Because I didn’t try epically.

So here’s to another year of trying, again, and this time I’m going to try epically. Even if it just leads to failure. This includes setting up AB tests for landing pages, try all the SEO and social networking strategies (again), try to tell people about my store, try to gather new advice and techniques for better art and marketing, try to produce a more cohesive line of design and branding, try to hire a virtual assistant to help me with shit I don’t like to do but must get done, and try to think that, besides making me feel alive, my creations could mean something to the world.

Just while I was brewing the idea, I stumbled upon this post by Penelope Trunk who’s blog I visit from time to time. Totally what I’m talking about.

And of course, on top of this, all the friends and family and love and hope stuff.

Now it’s your turn to make resolutions. Just do it (remember it’s like eating one small nut). I’d also love it if you’d share with me here.

Happy new year!