colored markers for drawings

30 Days Challenge: A Drawing A Day Week1

30 days challenge: A drawing a day, first three days

First three days

30 days challenge: A drawing a day, 2nd three days

another three days

30 days challenge: A drawing a day, 3rd three days

Another Three Days

Dear Fans,

This is the 10th day of my 30 days challenge of a drawing a day. Matt Cutts was right, I really member these 10 days a lot more vividly than if I didn’t do these drawings. It’s a bit obvious though that I remember the days better because I’m leaving some visual documentation for it. But I guess that’s the whole point–leaving something for the days that otherwise just fly by without a trace anyways. If so, would leaving 30 days of trash also make my days more memorable? I’m guessing yes. This idea sounds even more interesting than 30 days of drawings because we produce so much trash everyday unconsciously that by documenting just one piece of trash everyday would be raising awareness of our habits. This, however, will be for next month!

colored markers for drawings

My little mind liberators

Okay, I’ve been waiting for this question and you finally asked. Why do these drawings look like they are done by a 10- year-old? Here’s my answer. Because I AM a 10-year-old.

These drawings took no time, no thinking, no deliberation, no expectation, no philosophy, no clients paying for it, nobody’s going to buy it, I don’t care who’s going to see it, nobody’s going to judge me for it, although you might be judging me for it, but that’s alright. They are a direct reflection of my mental state, and for better or worse, it is like a 10-year-old’s.

(and I turn my head to see the pile of letters from insurance companies…)

2 thoughts on “30 Days Challenge: A Drawing A Day Week1

  1. Also, if someone asks you why your drawings look like they were done by a ten-year-old, some other good responses are:
    1. Suck my dick.
    2. Why does YOUR FACE look like it was done by a ten-year-old?
    3. *Poke in eye* Oh, sorry, that was totally an accident. I haven’t developed full motor skills yet.

    • LOL Karin you’re hilarious! I think these responses would also be very useful at a club!!! (well except maybe not #1 because someone might just attempt to do it ;p)

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