Hi, my name is YaChin You. Lots of people call me Bonny. I’m a person who likes drawing stuff and sharing the stuff that I draw. Besides drawing, I also like (an unordered list):

My family and friends
Martial Arts
Improv Theater
Designing for the web and devices
Lady Gaga

Let’s be friends!

**About Unobtainable Sceneries**

This is the project that I’m currently working on. I’m drawing things that we yearn, remember or fear that are unobtainable, for example having my mother live forever, or driving on the highway backwards. A lot of the drawings are inspired from my vivid dreams that tell me very much of what I secretly want or am afraid of. It is sometimes a painful process to face these unobtainable sceneries, embrace them, scrutinize them and draw them down on paper.

BFA in Printmaking, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2005