Ave Maria by artist YaChin Bonny You

Ave Maria

Ave Maria by artist YaChin Bonny You

Ave Maria

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In this dream, I’d been looking for a three bedroom apartment for a long time. This particular apartment that the landlady was showing me was absolutely amazing. Along with two small bedrooms and common space, the third bedroom is as big and fancy as the ballroom in Versailles. What’s more, it was totally within my budget!

“I’ll give you a deposit, the paperwork, credit check, anything you need today. I really want to rent this apartment.” I told the landlady, almost in a begging tone. Imagine the kind of parties I’d be able to hold in here!

While I was so excited, a little question popped in my head. How can this big of a place cost so little? Maybe it’s haunted. Maybe somebody committed suicide here not long ago.

Suddenly, the entire place went dark. I saw ghosts dancing in the ballroom. Several friends who came with me to visit the place are now turned into stuffed animals. I knew it! This place is not clean!

I grabbed two lucky friends who are still able to move and we held onto each other tightly to form a circle. “Candle Formation! Quick!” My friends crossed each others’ arms to form a protective spell, and I started singing Ave Maria.

The “Candle Formation” featuring my friends and I burst into holy flames while the Virgin Mary’s light and presence shrouded us, protecting us from the evil spirits.

“We need to get outta here now!” I shouted. Suddenly, bam! The three of us were transported onto a quiet night street in Berkeley. I found myself with my bike beside me. Oh, okay, guess we are out of the danger zone now, thank you Virgin Mary!

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