Book of Junk Thoughts

Book of Junk Thoughts

Book of Junk Thoughts

Book of Junk Thoughts

Dear fans,

I’m betting that while you’re reading this, there are at least about 20 other things running at the back of your mind. If you don’t think so, well, that’s because you’re not aware of it. Or, maybe you’ve achieved enlightenment, then, congratulations! What are you doing here!?

About a year ago I read this book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron on how to move pass creative blocks. I must admit, I’ve never really had any sort of creative blocks. In fact, I’m always drawn to do too many ideas that what I need is focus. However I still find some exercises in this book very interesting and helpful, one of which is the writing three pages excercise.

The idea is to write three pages in your notebook everyday. Three pages of what? Of anything in your head. Absolutely ANYTHING. The laundry you need to do, the burp that smells like last night’s dinner, the hottie you want to fuck, the check that has not arrived in your mail box. ANYTHING. Dump it all out.

After you dump three pages, close your notebook and go on with your day. Do the same thing the next day.

But there’s one rule about this exercise and it is that NOBODY READS IT. Not even yourself. Nope, you don’t go back and see what you were thinking two days ago, or correct any grammar. What’s written is written and is only fit for the shredder, the recycling bin, or the fireplace.

It feels absolutely refreshing after writing the three pages. Currently I’m not writing dutifully everyday, but whenever I feel very stressed I’d bust out what I call my Book of Junk Thoughts and start dumping my junk thoughts onto it.

When it’s full, this book will be actually dumped into a dumpster and just like any other junk that I dump into it, I’ll never see it again.

And then, hehhhhhhh. What a beautiful day and I’m ready to create all sorts of wonderful things!

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