[Boxing Notes] Jabs


Today i learned

Catch Jab

Catch the opponents jab with cross hand in front of face, at the same time jab opponent. cross hand comes back to defense position right after catch. combo: catch jab, cross, slip to right, cross jab cross, jab jab (moving)

Flick Jab Combo

Flick, flick, hard jab (front foot slight turn to left), cross, slip to right while taking a step out(so the right leg would step forward), slip to left while taking a step out (so left leg would step forward), pivot back to fight stance.

— Movements are small and fast, not big. to go in, inch and slip forward from side to side.

— The hundred drill really adds up to 105. It is 1+2+3…+10+9+8…+1. Do a set of 10 then you would’ve done a thousand punches.

— When punching, if too much weight is put into front leg, it will be hard to move back or get out.

—┬áTo make the turn at the end of the jab, the arm remains straight but the elbow bone would turn to face outward. Therefore, its not just the wrist is turning, the whole arm, including the shoulder, would need to rotate to deliver the turn in the end. Its important that the elbow doesn’t flare out, but still rotates.

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