Goddamnit #bart

It’s been getting dark earlier each day as the season changes from summer to fall and winter. Sometimes the day would look super nice but is actually freezing, or looking freezing but actually quite warm. Somehow, my usual outfit of tshirt, sweat shirt and jacket gets me through most situations.

One thing that has been nerve racking though is that now when I walk to the gyms from bart after work, it is already dark. That adds a lot more time which I spend walking in parts of Oakland after dark by myself. I love Oakland, but I have no illusions about it and I’m trying to be more alert and careful when I’m out there.

That said, maybe I should be grateful that bart is even running at all! The talk is still going on and the threat of strike is still looming. I stayed up so late last night waiting for the announcement that didn’t get released until 1 am, not going to do that again today!

There’s word that AC Transit is going on strike too on Thursday. Maybe this is a sign that this country is getting democratically more advanced like France or something. I’m kind of wondering what this town would be like when all the public transit systems shut down.

Maybe we will all help each other get around and feel the love of humanity… maybe??