Trip to Mexico

Trip to Mexico | the process

Image of Trip to Mexico by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Trip to Mexico

I took a trip to Mexico this past January. No, my trip did not look like the above picture! It was my first time to Mexico and because we had a chance to visit some truly local places and people, it really had an impact on me.

One night, I dreamed that I were to married a young Mexican guy who is a complete stranger to me. I felt desperate, moreover I don’t speak much Spanish. I thought, fine, maybe he’s a fine guy, we’ll wait and see.

We came home to his house. It was a big house with an atrium and several floors above. He said, wait here, then went to a room downstairs. Apparently there are tenants who live in his building. He went into one of the rooms and started to yell at the people in there.

I sneaked over and took a peek. He was yelling at this fat man who was throwing up lots of spiders, as depicted in the picture. My Mexican husband shouted, you owe me three hundred dollars fat ass! The poor fat man was badly abused and all he could do was throwing up spiders.

Then I went into another dream. In this dream I was still in Mexico. I was taking a road trip on a bus, during which I got to know an ugly bear. This bear had a crush on me, but I felt like being mean to him so I wrote him a very mean letter. That felt quite good for some reason.

After this strange night, I continue to dream of Mexico.

"Mother is Fine," Pen and ink on paper, colored and processed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Mother Is Fine | the process | free art print and card

Image of Mother Is Fine by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

"Mother is Fine," Pen and ink on paper, colored and processed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

My mother gave me some money. No, she emailed me first saying that she was going to give me some money. I haven’t really used my parents’ money since I graduated from college. It’s immoral to use their hard-earned Taiwanese dollars for my American spending. Well into their 50s they’re both still working hard full time earning those Taiwanese dollars.

But she emailed me. She didn’t quite explain why, except saying that she’s almost 60 years old and that she might die any day.

Email is a poor way to communicate. Email should be used strictly for scheduling and task management. Anything that has feelings attached to it should be done face to face or by the phone. We did talk later and clarified what the money was about, but the night she emailed me I had a bad dream.

In my dream, I went home. I saw my mother sitting on the couch, top naked holding a Trader Joe’s sponge in her left hand. She had sewn up wounds on her body, and a big cast on one of her thighs. She said she was hit by a truck, but she’s doing okay now. Then as usual she insisted on taking me shopping, buying me sweat pants because I can never have enough pants and they’re so cheap and warm and nice.

Then I couldn’t stop crying.

I woke up feeling quite desperate and scared. I called her and we talked.

I know my mother will die one day just like everyone else’ s mother. But for now, mother is fine.

mother is fine free art card by artist yachin bonny you

mother is fine free art print by artist yachin bonny you

Portal to Home

Portal to Home | the process | free art print and card

Image of Portal to Home by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Portal to Home

My first post on You’s! So excited, and quite speechless, I’m sorry.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been home sick. It might sound like a stupid question to ask, but for some people who don’t have a super deep connection with their family or home town the answer might be no.

I’ve been living in the U.S for about 9 years now, and I’m still home sick almost everyday, except I guess when I dance to Gaga :)

In this dream, I was in a mountain that resembles the part of the Great Wall of China which I visited in 2008. This part of Great Wall is unique because it stretches into the water, a beautiful big lake.

Water Great Wall

Water Great Wall

It was October when I went, so inside the mountain it looked more like this.

Beijing in Autumn

Beijing in Autumn

The sound in the dream was a strong wind and the rustling of the leaves. I was enjoying the scenery, but also wondering how I could go home. In this beautiful setting, all I was doing was looking left and right, trying to find a portal home.

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