Food Allergy Test

#bread anyone? #oakland

My food allergy test results came out and I’m not reactive to dairy or wheat at all which I’ve been avoiding for the longest time. Yay pizza party!

The results showed that I’m not reactive towards almost all food items in the test, except one–and of course my favorite–eggs! It makes me sad, but I’m going to avoid eggs for a month and eat some to see if my body really doesnt like it. Because, let me tell you, I eat about 6 eggs a day and really love it! Eggs any style, in the morning or at night, just take some soy sauce, so good and totally natural. We’ll see, I dont believe eggs are evil for me just yet.

In the mean time, I can totally eat bread yet I really hesitate to. I have been avoiding it thinking that its evil for a long time, plus a lot of bread products out there are heavily processed foods. I dont think I’m missing out on much in my life without eating bread stuff.