SEO Made Simple SEO book

SEOing for my future fans :: art process

Dear fans future and present,

I’m so tired. I spent all day “search engine optimization” this site, so that today, tomorrow, one day, I’ll be able to meet you, know you, and make wonderful things just for you.

This is my first step at putting my stuff out there more proactively online and stop lamenting at my obscurity. I felt shy, disoriented and afraid. But now I’m just plain tired from looking at keyword spreadsheet all day long. You need to know, I’m no CPA or VP or Marketing and this was extreme torture. However, for you, my future fans (and current ones if you’re reading now), I’m willing to go through all this.

I bought the kindle book SEO Made Simple by Mr.├é┬áMichael Fleischner to my iPad. Chewing over the first section “On-page Optimization” and revamped lots of areas of my site including meta tags, header, footer, h1, images, links etc. Most importantly I chose some 5 keywords which I’ll try to focus my site on. These will be:

Don’t laugh!!

Free art print, free art card, artist blog, art process and dream shirt.

Y’all are gonna see a lot of these flying around. There was a lot of consideration behind these chosen words. But dear fans, I’m still here speaking to you with the whole of my true heart and those keywords are really in some subtle places that will not get in between us. Trust me.

SEO Made Simple SEO book

SEO Made Simple SEO book