Julie, This Is Our Country by artist yachin bonny you

Julie, This Is Our Country

Julie, This Is Our Country by artist yachin bonny you

Julie, This Is Our Country

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I was in a fighting troupe on a mission to defeat evil creatures like zombies, vampires and such. We were in somewhere like a basement full of small, dark rooms where evil creatures hide and ready to attack. In one of the rooms, my troupe mate, Julie, who in real life is my coworker, got attacked and bitten by a vampire. She would soon turn into one of them.

Frantically we dragged Julie out of the basement and checked on her wounds. Her face was pale and her heart was beating slower and slower. Some of the troupe mates started to weep. I scooched in closer to her body, put her head onto my lap and placed my left hand close to her mouth. I said, “guys, I have an idea. Julie, go ahead and suck my blood. My fresh blood will flow into your body, and your toxic blood will flow into mine. I will harness the power of the sun to cleanse my body and turn the toxic blood into clean blood again for both of us. Let me be your blood transfusion. I can save you.”

I held up one arm to receive the power of the sun while Julie cycles out her toxic blood into my body. Seeing Julie was doing well, I finally looked up and paid some attention to our surrounding. Lo and behold, we were in a building situated in the middle of the ocean. Looking out, I saw the waves of the sea gleaming underneath the sun and hitting against the glass windows, whales, dolphins and mermaids playing and splashing at the surface of the sea. I could see miles and miles away where the sea and the sky meet.

Sensing Julie’s body turning warmer on my lap, I said in a whisper, “Julie, this is our country. We live together with all creatures of the ocean. We are one. Isn’t this amazing? I think you are going to be okay.”

Dancing With Transformer Neptune

Yes I gave birth to this finally.

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This is the first time that I made something with this much details, effect and shading, kind of like a video game matt painting. I usually do very flat and saturated images and don’t really like that style, but for this picture to come to life, like in my dream,  lighting, texture and effects were needed.

Psychologically I never left my school years in Taiwan. 90% of my dreams I’m in one of the three: elementary school, junior high or senior high, and hang out with friends who I got to know from then. Sometimes current people show up, but very rarely and/or in the backgrounds.

The girl in the picture is my elementary school best friend. In this dream, we were hanging out in an old church. It ‘s not any church but church of the god of the ocean. It was dark in the church, with faint streams of light coming through the stained glass windows. She was dancing giddily with the ocean god Neptune dressed as Transformer. She was so small, he was so huge and not moving very much. She was having so much fun and totally absorbed with herself. There’s a background music playing, it is Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 2 in E. Flat Major. It was near the end of the song, she was spinning and asking me to take a picture of her and the Neptune Transformer. I was fumbling with the camera and because it was dark in the church, all the pictures I took were blurry. She said, come on, Bonny, take a picture, the song is almost over!

Image of Dancing with Transformer Neptune by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Dancing With Transformer Nupetune