Yes, Puppies animation and free art print

Yes, Puppies: animation, free art print and T-shirt

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Yes, Puppies animation and free art print

Yes, Puppies animation and free art print

Dear fans,

This is the piece I worked on for almost 2 months! It was a very brief dream in which I was on a train passing this beautiful pasture full of giant cream-colored puppies wagging their tails.

I thought for the tail wagging action it’d be really cool to make it an animation. This is also the first time that I’m trying putting the art work, music and download links on its own webpage and creating a full page experience for the audience with sharing capability. I think it worked well and really did the art work justice rather than stuffing it in a narrow column blog. This I will continue to do.

The tail-wagging of the puppies was a very simple animation, but I think I chose the wrong approach and it took many weeks of my free time to complete. First I built out the graphic assets in Adobe Illustrator, which was good. Then I tried to animate it in Flash, thinking that I would be able to export it as an animated .gif. That was a wrong decision. Although it was easy to build scene and animate in Flash GUI, the exported .gif was of extreme low quality there was no way I could have used the result. I then had to export it as a .mov and then, using Photoshop to turn it into a .gif. Once everything was in Photoshop it got better because I’m very familiar with the Photoshop environment and could create effects and backgrounds easily. The trouble, still, lied in compressing the resulting image so it would animate gracefully while looking sharp. After some tries of different compressing options I arrived at the result that you’re seeing.

The one page site was built in HTML5 and I was happy to experiment with new tags such as <article>, <aside> and most importantly the <audio> tag. It is really cool to be able to pop an <audio> or <video> tag and stream content through all major modern browsers. Still a lot to learn here.

The intended virality of the content did not catch on at all. I simply don’t know how or what to do in this area. Need to read some more blogs/books about this.