Days at DB #1

My martial arts school is going to be closed for a while, so a bunch of girl friends and I rented a place of our own where we can still practice with each other. This is the first time which I practice martial arts without someone like a “sensei,” so I’m hoping to record some of the journey as we go along, and this is what Days at DB series is about.

So what’s DB? Well, that’s our group name, that’s all I’m gonna tell for now XD

I felt a lot more grounded after we found a place. We looked at many crazy and unsuitable places, and I realized that at this day and age land is still a powerful resource. Some of the places we visited include someone’s small garage space on a sloping hill, an area in a gigantic former foundry where there’s nails and other metal parts on the floor, a very expensive office space right out of Bart which we can’t afford, and this more organized warehouse space, which we eventually got.

The place needed a good cleaning before we can do anything in there. I took a shower after I came home, and my boogers were black! It was really incredibly dusty. But we had a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures.

At the space cleaning

The second time we came for some training. Punching on pads makes an super echoey loud sound in this small enclosed chamber. The freight elevator outside makes a cranky noise that sounds like someone’s knocking on the wall. The music band was having a party next door so we were training to some kind of groovy reggae tunes. It was very strange and very funny at the same time. I didn’t wear any shoes but my feet seem to have adapted to training on concrete floor that is not quite completely polished.

Today is the third time and we trained on the small 8′ x 8′ mat that we’ve got so far (more is being delievered). My glass tea jar slipped out of my bag and broke instantly after it touched the concrete floor, I felt very sad to have to throw out my Osmanthus Oolong before I even began training. But I soon forgot about the episode after we started rolling around!

Broken Tea Jar

It’s about 5 blocks of walking from my house to Bart, and from Bart to this place, which isn’t a big deal, but in fact, it adds up travel time, AND…when I’m about to be late for a class, 5 blocks is too much, and when I’m tired and it’s dark after class, in Oakland, 5 blocks is also too much. So I’ve been wondering how I can reduce the pain of the 5 blocks.

I’ll show you in the next post! Stay tuned!

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