Days at DB #3

Tada! Guess what I got today? My new roller skates!

new roller skates

To reduce the pain, or rather, make more fun, the 5-6 blocks of walking to and from Bart to DB, I purchased them hoping that it will make the commute faster. They’re actually pretty heavy to carry, but they’re really fun and look super cute. Of course, I tried them out on the streets and almost fell down a million times because last time I did this I was like, 12 years old, in Taiwan XD

But I managed to make it to DB without breaking my neck today, and we did tai chi and BJJ (what a combination.) By the way that belt belongs to my friend. What’s my BJJ belt level? Well, let’s just say, if there’s a transparent belt, that’d be where I’m at now. I had a ton of fun and learned a ton of stuff!

BJJ roller skate

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