Death Can Catch You Up Quite Soon

This Life

Dear fans,

Hopefully you have noticed that I updated the theme to a responsive and grid based WordPress theme. Now you can view all the images on the home page without scrolling through a long post, AND it looks good on your mobile phone and iPad or whatever pad you have! I’m so excited and this is going to be awesome!

Sorry that I always miss posting every couple of months. Today I come back, and this also marks the first day of my thirty day “post something in the blog everyday” challenge!

I’ve been working on a giant ink drawing that is kind of a diptych, although the two pieces of paper are stuck together. It is very difficult to continue such a big project while work, grad school, family, friends, workout and sleep all need to happen in one day. But when I feel hectic, I find comfort in thinking that I can die any time, and that what good is a life if I just lounge around feeling unchallenged and not doing much? Death is coming up soon, we need to accomplish all that we need to do before it catches up.

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