I Just Want to be Good


Recently I’ve been feeling a bit down at times. I suppose partially because the marketing work that I still need to do for BONSTERxBONSTER, which I’m not great at and honestly don’t love, and partially because I can’t spar in kickboxing as much as I want to due to my eye injury.

Here are a couple of questions I think are just the most mysterious things in the world. None of the great sales/business people in the world are demanded to be great at making what they sell. Jeff Bezos does not make e-books himself and Donald Trump surely does not build towers. However, makers and artists need to know how to do sales and marketing. This is extremely frustrating.

The other thing is, once you start doing a sport, there are a million other kinds of stuff that you can do to improve the particular sport that you do. If I want to be a better boxer, yoga would help me, running would help me, swimming would probably help me, heck, I bet singing would help me as well. But, I just want to box! Am I going to be more dedicated or less dedicated if I cut out all these other stuff that are supposedly “good for me”?

These are kind of my old problems that I need to solve by myself, so I didn’t bother talking to anyone, but that resulted in some kind of low grade depression that just hung below all the other good stuff that happens in my life.

I just want to be good. How do I become good? Well, I asked God for a super power, and God gave it to me. It’s not muscles as big as Fedor’s nor is it business wiz as brilliant as Steve Jobs’. It’s a mind that never gives up trying, working, testing, and that’s all I know to do.

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