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Give Away Freak :: art process

Guo Xi Early Spring

Early Spring by Chinese artist Guo Xi circa 1072

Dear fans,

During the holiday I came up with some new ideas.

1) I felt fantastic giving away a bunch of my prints “It is like a question mark.” I think I want to do it more and maybe do one print every month to give to whoever.

2) Do you know of East Bay Free Skool? It is an opportunity for people of ALL AGES to come together to share knowledge in a non-commercial setting to strengthen community. I’ve always wanted to share something that I know with people but I don’t dare to use the word teach because of low confidence and reverence for the universe. (huh? Okay hard to explain) I had an idea of exploring alternative art history with people and do it through East Bay Free Skool. Why alternative art history? What? You don’t know that your beautiful, heavy, expensive art history textbook was most likely written by a western male geezer? This is why. Do you know that ancient Chinese artists seldom went out into the wild and painted in the mountains, en plein air? No, they visited the mountains and went home, then painted the mountains from their minds. Now that’s masterful. And this is why we will have so much fun exploring alternative art history!


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