God Level

God Level

God Level

God Level

Dear fans,

Do you have people in your life who are so skilled at something it’s almost god-like? I’m very lucky to have a few people in my life who are so good at what they do just thinking of them helps me get up every morning and work on stuff. Their skills are god level in areas such as design, martial arts and dance and I secretly worship them.

There is a little altar in the cave of my heart where I put up the names of those god-like people and surround them with a thousand candles. I visit this place everyday hoping that one day I may be half as good as they are in their fields before I humbly go off to practice. I’m not so sure if worshipping them is the right thing to do, especially if they’re still alive. When god-like people are present, I tend to look down, stutter, and mess up whatever I’m doing. When I was working with a god-like designer, I messed up so often and got so stressed out eventually I quit.

“You’re the best designer I’ver ever worked with, but I have to go.” I said in a teary melt down.

She was so confused, but she still took me out to lunch on my last day.

A common theme among god-like people is that they started practicing whatever they’re so good at when they’re little. While I worship their achievements, I also need to tell myself that they’re just humans who have put in a lot of time on their craft. I may feel humbled by their achievements, but there’s no need to compare, hurry or frustrate myself on a particular skill.

I’ll just put in 10 years. And another 10. And another 10.

Maybe someday I’d also be a god-like person in someone’s mind. Maybe after the third 10.


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