I Can Still Sleep

I Can Still Sleep

Image of I Can Still Sleep by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

I Can Still Sleep

In this dream, I was in an old haunted house. I knew it was haunted, I was scared, cold and sweaty. There was this eerie darkness looming in the atmosphere.

But I was supposed to be having fun. There were friends and we were running up and down the house, some kind of group weekend trip. I got the room on the 2nd floor, where there was a window from which you can see trees on the street. Someone’s coming, I knew it, I’m going to see her face appearing at the window in just a second.

I wanted to shout but I couldn’t hear my own voice.

I ran to the room next to mine, tried to warn others that this house is “not clean.” One of my female friends was lying down on the wooden floor to sleep. I wanted to stop her and wake her up.

She said, don’t worry, I can sleep in a haunted house alone. And she closed her eyes peacefully.

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