Mountain lion notice near a camp site

I mean business

Mountain lion notice near a camp site

Mountain lion notice near a camp site

Dear fans,

Site revamp, you noticed. I’m just trying to make it easier for people to find stuff they like and be able to download them for free, or get a T-shirt. Seriously, doing all these logic, flow, goal, metric, analytic things is KILLING ME.

Sorry, I’m not complaining here, but I really think productization really sums up what our era is about. Everything needs to be a product and everyone needs to be a brand, a personal brand. You’ve probably heard of this if you’re into business.

Okay, I’m a brand. I’m a brand that comes out of my mother brand’s womb after my father brand and my mother brand had sex. What kind of brand does that make me? I don’t know! I’m skinny and I can’t drink milk. But probably no one cares about that. What’s important for a brand is what kind of products this brand makes, either for itself or for other brands, which is also called a JOB.

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