Modified T-shirt with glitter paint

If I smoke, I would smoke. If I drink, I would drink. Since I do neither, I dance :: art process

Dear fans,

It’s Friday homey! What do you do after a stressful week? Although I’m working at a wonderful place doing what I like, I still look forward to the weekend cuz dats when im da boass nah mean?!

Anyways, preparing to hit my favorite joint Bootie SF, I made these modified T-shirt out of an old shirt that hubby doesn’t want anymore. Yes, it was HIS shirt! That’s what’s so wonderful about it. Because it was bigger, I had a lot more fabric to experiment with. Made some mistakes but it ended up with enough fabric to cover me in a decent way :) I cut out the sleeves, cut the bottom into strips so they’ll move when I dance, and sewn the extra fabric up at the waist to give definition. Then I painted on top of the original graphic, the birds, with pink glitter fabric paint. No don’t be afraid of glitter, you’ll need some when the club is so dark!

I also made a simple mask that can go with pretty much anything. Since the shirt is quite busy, I think this mask would accentuate but not compete.

It only takes a bit of time to make something cool for yourself and believe me nobody would shine like you do because nobody can do what you do. Let’s hit the Parteh!

Modified T-shirt with glitter paint

Modified T-shirt with glitter paint

Simple black felt mask by artist YaChin Bonny You

Simple black felt mask

n modified t-shirt and mask YaChin Bonny You art process

Me in modified t-shirt and mask

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