It's Like A Question Mark drawing by Artist YaChin Bonny You

It’s Like a Question Mark

It's Like A Question Mark drawing by Artist YaChin Bonny You

It's Like a Question Mark

Dear fans,

Today in the martial arts school I practiced this special kick that is like a round house kick, but a little different. It has two parts to it. First you lift your leg as if you were going to do a front kick, but then you turn and do a small round house at a very high place, aiming at someone’s head. To illustrate this, the teacher said, “it’s like a question mark. You first started out from the bottom, going up straight, then do a hook.” For some reason I found the remark “it’s like a question mark” very poetic. I spaced out for a moment (not good in martial arts class), thinking about what this means.

After class I swung by a friend’s house to check some mail for him. He had to go to Japan due to family issues. The apartment was dark with a dim light on and the air was stuffy. I opened some windows and watered the plants. The owners of the house have gone away to deal with life. Life that has no answer to it. I thought of some friends who are ending relationships, who are getting married, who are starting a new life in a new place. There is no answer to any of this. What to do? Deal. We all just deal. We deal with hurtful moments, happy moments, fearful moments and hopeful moments. We walk straight at times, and at times we need to do a hook. It’s like a question mark.

And it’s okay if you don’t have an answer.

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    • Thanks Karin! Yeah good idea. I’ll have to do more design since it was sort of a doodle. Thinking of making a screen print too it’d make a nice poster I think.

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