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On the feet

The foot

The foot

Dear fans,

I kicked someone in the knee with my right foot yesterday during kickboxing class. It hurt some at the time but I quickly regained composure and continued doing whatever I needed to do through the rest of the day. However, just when I was drifting to sleep in bed, about midnight, my right foot started to cramp up like there’s an evil gremlin who’s trying to split my foot in several pieces!

After a night of practically no sleep and crawling around on my knees I’m happy to report that my foot is doing much better and hopefully can handle my regular, quite brutal, activities in a couple of days. It just amazes me every time I get an injury about how our body heals. It is absolutely magical! A couple of musings on the foot:

1) Pisces govern the feet. I’m an quintessential Pisces and do have more feet problems than any other body parts. (that link describes my personality to the T and might as well put my name on it)

2) Do you know that your big toes carry around 40-60 percent of body weight when you walk? Quite fascinating.

3) If you don’t stand right, your knees, your back and eventually your neck and head will all be screwed!

4) When I broke my toe last year, my acting teacher told me that, because of my limited range of motions, I was given a chance to excavate more emotions rather than movement on stage.

5) I know a person who’s one foot got broken into 72 pieces inside that never got fixed. He can still walk around, amazing!

6) “I wanna be where the people are / I wanna see, wanna see them dancin’ / Walking around on those – what do you call ’em? Oh – feet!“–Ariel the little mermaid

7)Be steady on your feet / No matter the trouble you meet…I’m learning how to get up off my knees / and all it takes is practice. “–Lion by Lights

What’s your relationship with your feet? Be nice to them!


2 thoughts on “On the feet

  1. Those medical illustrations of our body are always so intriguing! They are true yet imaginary insights of our bodies!

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