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Converse and crocs :: the process

See the full fledge updated paintable converse tutorial here!

If you don’t know already, I’ve been wearing crocs for 2 months. Crocs are nice shoes and wearing them is not a big deal, however, wearing them All The Time? Now THAT’s a challenge. I hear you ask, have you done something wrong and were punished by the God of Shoes to wear crocs all the time? Yes, I pinched a nerve in my left foot, I believe also called a Morton’s Neuroma. It’s largely because I did something to my toes that they were squished together too much and made a nerve swell up and hurts. There’s not much to do to fix it except letting my toes hang out more. They do hang out nicely in crocs, I must say, the symptoms have been subsiding and I generally have no trouble doing what I like to do in life, walking and…kickboxing.

Life is not a beach all the time even if you wear crocs 24/7. For example, the weather in the past month in the Bay Area has been pretty nasty and wet, and with crocs it was my “fall-down season.” The bottom of crocs do not provide much traction against wet surfaces, so I became the queen of fall downs. Now imagine you all dressed up to work and fall down on a busy street in the financial district. Moreover, I cannot possibly bring myself to a freaking Dance Parteh wearing crocs! You may as well kill me but no they are not bringing down my whole outfit if you know what I mean.

Today when I was making a mask for the next Dance Parteh I’m going to grace with my presence I ran out of beads. Got some beads and on the way home from the bead store I just dropped by the art store to get some pen. Lo and behold I came out with a $70 damage.

I bought a pair of Converse sneakers.

It is the real Converse and it is in this pure white delicious raw canvas waiting for my imagination to grind all over it. That’s how I feel. Adding a jar of metallic pink fabric paint and a black marker to the bill, “this is what the day job is for,” I said to myself and swiped my credit card. I also got a size larger so my toes can hang out in there. The shoe laces run to my ankles nicely so they won’t come off.

This is going to be so cool yes!

Paintable white Converse Sneakers

Paintable white Converse Sneakers


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