Image of Alien Ship Dream Sketch by artist Yachin Bonny You


Image of Alien Ship Dream Sketch by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Alien Ship

I feel much better today. Music, Imagination, Dance, Food, Sex, Movie, Work, BART, Imagination, Walk, See, Facebook, Imagination, Massage. They all helped. If you have read the previous post, my future fans, don’t worry, I’m alright. Yes do you know what nick name I got when I was in middle school? Roach. Yes. I have another 280 million years to go, I only got through 27.

Here is a dream that I never got to do. It was way too awesome to put down on paper, in a way. The meaning is so deep I must have been some kind of channel of something else. I especially like the phrase “We are going to be re-educated.”



Giant alien ship hovering above our heads. We were on the roof of a very tall building. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Someone, come and save us. Come and relieve us of our ignorance. Come and deliver us from our pain. We are going to be re-educated.


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