Winter is definitely here today. There were a couple of cold days in the generally pretty warm week last week, but this week started with a day that’s about 60 something degrees, fog, clouds and everything.

I really like sunny and warm days better, but I also look forward to all those things to do during the winter. Hot pot! Hot tea! Wearing a big coat waiting for a friend at a street corner in the evening, seeing the friend and hugging her at the street corner, walking with the friend down the street for some hot food!

We would go to a Japanese place, sit at the bar on high stools, sipping tea, eating ramen, or udon, or curry, and a small plate of sashimi, and sigh about the ups and downs of life. The windows would be fogged because it’s so cold outside. Street lights and car lights would blur into strings of bokehs, and the sound of some female jazz vocal would be in the air.

Whoa, did I just day dream a wintery scene there!?

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