I love oakland no matter what they say

I love #oakland no matter what they say

Today after boxing, the guy who cleans up the gym at the end of the day gave me a ride to bart. I usually turned down offers because, although it is kinda scary to walk to fruitvale bart in the dark, beside the highway, crossing the rail road track, it only takes about 5 minutes. I bet on nothing happening to me in this 5 minutes, once a week.

But today, this small hispanic guy just insisted, stopped sweeping, put down his broom and drove me to bart.

He has a thick accent, loves boxing also, works at the gym for only a couple of hours monday through friday. There’s a sign at the back of his car, “baby on board.”

People think they know Oakland and a lot of them think its a scary place full of violence and crimes. Sure, those things happen just like any other urban town, but there are so many more good people doing good things and cool people doing cool things. And what I like most about this town is that its full of real people living real, down to earth lives.