That is Not Real Love sketch

That Is Not Real Love sketch :: art process

That is Not Real Love sketch

That is Not Real Love sketch

Dear Fans,

This is my idea for the next screen print.

I’m sure that you all have friends or families who are going through relationship troubles at any moment. In fact, you might even be in relationship troubles yourself. I’m not currently in trouble *chuckle-knock on wood* but I have many times in the past and it is a pain in the…heart…and something that is a perpetual human mystery everyone is trying to solve.

I dont’ know how to define real love which incorporates so many aspects,  but certainly there are things that we all know is not real love. Now wouldn’t it be great if you can identify them when they come your way? They are not all bad, they just need to be in their place. For example, I don’t think obsession is real love. Niether is dependence. However, you can turn your energy from obsession into say, writing a song, and turn your dependence into a spiritual quest. Then they all become something beautiful.

Then maybe it will be a bit easier to identify/find/create what is real love for you. (okay no Dr. Phil here…^_^)

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