Trip to Mexico

Trip to Mexico | the process

Image of Trip to Mexico by superflat artist YaChin Bonny You

Trip to Mexico

I took a trip to Mexico this past January. No, my trip did not look like the above picture! It was my first time to Mexico and because we had a chance to visit some truly local places and people, it really had an impact on me.

One night, I dreamed that I were to married a young Mexican guy who is a complete stranger to me. I felt desperate, moreover I don’t speak much Spanish. I thought, fine, maybe he’s a fine guy, we’ll wait and see.

We came home to his house. It was a big house with an atrium and several floors above. He said, wait here, then went to a room downstairs. Apparently there are tenants who live in his building. He went into one of the rooms and started to yell at the people in there.

I sneaked over and took a peek. He was yelling at this fat man who was throwing up lots of spiders, as depicted in the picture. My Mexican husband shouted, you owe me three hundred dollars fat ass! The poor fat man was badly abused and all he could do was throwing up spiders.

Then I went into another dream. In this dream I was still in Mexico. I was taking a road trip on a bus, during which I got to know an ugly bear. This bear had a crush on me, but I felt like being mean to him so I wrote him a very mean letter. That felt quite good for some reason.

After this strange night, I continue to dream of Mexico.

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