Mermaid Etching by Artist YaChin Bonny You the art process

Upcoming Image: Julie, This is Our Country :: art process

Dear fans, I’m so excited about the upcoming image that despite sore throat and headache I’m still posting this. I’ll be fine because you give me courage.

Ocean, the ocean, the vast ocean. It is where life first starts and it still holds the secret of the future of life. I dream of the ocean quite a bit, AND don’t be surprised, my last name, You, which should actually be pronounced as Yo, is 游, which means swimming. And I’m a Pisces. It all makes sense.

However in real life, I can’t swim without goggles because otherwise my contact will flow out and I won’t be able to see shit. If I try to dive more than 2 feet I will go home with ear infections. Most ocean water is too cold for me, and I have no idea how to deal with current whatsoever. But I still love the ocean as an idea, a scenery and a story. If you’ve known me for some time, you know I even went through a pretty long merfolks period. Okay pretty much through entire college I was mer-obsessed. Ah, good times.

Mermaid Etching by Artist YaChin Bonny You the art process

Mermaid Etching

The Day I Knocked Down a Mermaid Drawing by Artist yaChin Bonny You art process

The Day I Knocked Down a Mermaid

Mermaid in the water by Artist YaChin Bonny You art process

Mermaid in the Water

Alright, what does this all have to do with “Julie” and “Our Country” and whatever that’s in the title? Ocean! Julie is one of my co-workers at Circle of Moms. She’s a beautiful French young woman who came and visited me in my dreamy wonderland one night. In there we had a grand adventure in which we are all citizens of this ocean country.

Sounds weird? Bad writing? Wait for the pictures!

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