Whiteout -- My Happiness by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Whiteout Submission for Society6 :: art process

Whiteout -- My Happiness by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Whiteout -- My Happiness

You can get prints of this image from Society6!

I’m a member of this fantastic online artists community called Society6 where artists post their artworks and connect with each other. I’m very inspired by some of the members’ works there and they give me fresh ideas and encouragement. You can get really unique designs and images on a bunch of different stuff too, it’s for everyone.

This image is my submission to a Society6 collaboration project called Whiteout. It was an interesting challenge for me since the Whiteout zine is going to be printed only in black and white. If you’ve seen my other works, they are mostly in seizure inducing colors. I signed up early but contemplated this idea for a very long time. I could’ve just made what I usually make and put it in black and white, but the idea of whiteout actually resonates with this other philosophical idea that I happened to be thinking about at that time.

It is our personal responsibility to figure out what makes us happy and what our goals in life are. I recently found that when I feel the most “happy” there really isn’t much emotions at all. Instead it’s a very large calmness and a sense of focus. I don’t really feel or think much during these moments, I just sorta “be.” There’s nothing. But there’s everything. It’s a very interesting feeling. I guess you can call it whiteout, or you can call it blackout. You can call it anything.

So how do I design “nothing” and “everything”!? Should I just submit a white image!? I think that works in galleries but might not work very well online. *chuckle* So I tried to break down the process of approaching this space. Whenever I think about this space, I feel a strong sense of my own physical presence, which I use to construct the sense of ego and interact with the outside world. I envision my head and my face, and try to take it apart. And it slowly pixilates, slides away and fades.

Then I recite this short verse that you see on the image to myself. It stops thoughts; it stops ups and downs; it stops worries; it stops giddiness; it stops everything. And then I start to see everything.

I don’t know if I’ve conveyed this space successfully in the image, but I tried :)

Here are some sketches. I first did a pencil drawing on paper, then do most of the production in Illustrator. Finishing off details and effects in Photoshop.

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch1 art process by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Pencil and paper drawing

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch2 art process tracing details by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Tracing details in Illustrator

Whiteout -- My Happiness sketch3 art process by Artist YaChin Bonny You

Experimenting Hair Blend Mode in Illustrator

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