This is my current setup for design work. Not the fanciest through my stints at different startups in the Bay Area, but this is what I've put together for myself at the coworking space now and it's been working pretty well!

Computer and accessories

  • 13" MacBook Pro 2016
  • Philips E-Line 24" LCD monitor
  • Logitech keyboard

I like the left and right setup in which I can do the majority of the work on the large monitor, and use the small laptop screen to check for smaller screen size renditions.


  • Ikea bar table and bar stool
ikea bar table and stools
ikea bar table and stools

This is the standing desk option that the coworking space provides. It actually works surprisingly well! I would stand for about 25 minutes, take a short walk and fill my water bottle, then sit for about 25 minutes.

I find that this posture rotation has been really helpful for my back!

Productivity tools

Be Focused timer

I use Be Focused as a pomodoro type timer so I focus for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. I usually do about 10 pomodoros per day, which amounts to 5 hours of focus time.


I use Toggl for project time tracking throughout the day.

There, now you know how the sausage design is made!

Dreaming of a new space

I AM dreaming of a little studio space which I can customize and design the interior for maximum creativity, and hopefully there will be other designers who would join me in this awesome space that will be home to many ideas we'll come up with together! Just putting it out there for the universe!