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Client  Kino

Role UX Designer

With a multi-sided social investment platform, Kino allows creators to showcase their work to viewers who are looking for the best original stories. Viewers can invest in their favorite shows so more quality shows are produced.

I lead UX design during Kino's early stages.

Style guide based on Material Design

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Designing for a multi-sided marketplace

In a multi-sided marketplace, the experience of one user type directly influences the experience of other user types. 

We chose to focus first on creator's user flows, so that the platform can provide great shows that entice viewers and investors to watch and invest.

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Creators in full control

From releasing the latest episode to raising funding for the next season, Kino gives the creators full control to publish their works and connect with their audience. 

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It's all about the show

On a content streaming platform, the watching experience is key to retain visitors and turn them into fans. Kino's series page is designed to be visually rich and distraction free.

You decide what gets made

Site visitors can quickly turn into fans, follow their favorite creators and eventually invest in their favorite shows so more new and exciting episodes can be made. 

Up and coming creators and new original series mean that there's always quality content to watch on Kino.

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It was great to utilize Material Design to lay the foundation for the entire experience. It allowed me to design new features quickly while the engineering team was building at the same time. Next time around, I would experiment with more customizations that would bring more brand uniqueness to the users.




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